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Candre Cabinet & Lights, 2007-2008

In keeping with its reputation for creating mirrored cabinets that are both stylish and functionally inspired, I helped to develop the Candre decorative cabinet and coordinating lights for Robern. In a bold yet refined design, the central mirror is bordered by reflective back-painted glass and a polished metal frame. The overall look is one of drama and multiple layers. To maximize design versatility, Candre is available as a medicine cabinet in different sizes and the glass frame comes in smoky tinted gray mirror or crisp white colors.

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Robern Cold Storage Cabinet, 2007

Marrying elegance with convenience, Robern has created an ingenious mirrored Cold Storage cabinet that continues to extend the company's reputation for innovation and high-quality storage solutions. Introduced at the 2007 Kitchen/Bath Industry Show, the M Series cabinet with Cold Storage is ideal for extending the life of high-end cosmetics, maintaining the quality of health and wellness products, or simply keeping beverages chilled and handy.

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Early work 1999-2002

Tabletop objects, strollers, shoes, window displays, and more. Read on to see examples of my work as a very young designer.

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