Reflexion Full Function Mirror, 2009


The Reflexion Full Function Mirror, developed for Robern, answers the challenge of creating an ergonomic and contemporary grooming station for the high end bathroom.

Some of the insights we addressed in the development of the Reflextion Mirror were:

  • Overhead or sconce lighting can create shadows and low light output that is not optimal for bathroom grooming tasks.

  • Many light fixtures use large tubular fluorescent bulbs, and those fixtures can tend to look bulky or mechanical and do not compliment the luxury bath space.

  • Many bath light fixtures are not easily cleaned, and do not have an intuitive method for changing the bulb.

  • Especially in small bath spaces, the mirror can become fogged by shower steam and an inconvenience when trying to complete your morning ritual.


Reflexion lights use low profile, high efficiency, T-5 fluorescent technology providing warm fluorescent lighting that is ideal for daily grooming tasks. The lighting meets California Title 24 Energy codes, is ETL listed, and is ADA compliant. The mirror and fixtures are easy to clean, and the bulb is changed by removing two pins without any tools needed.