Product Design & Development

I have over 15 years of experience developing products in industries including consumer products, furniture, lighting, commercial products, juvenile products, softgoods, medical products, packaging, and display design.


Creative Team Management

My management style is focus on COMMUNICATION. I am the point person when considering people, process, and projectsby tracking, evaluating metrics, and continually communicating progress to team members and to upper management.

I’ve managed team members at all levels from interns and contractors, to seasoned professionals heading to retirement. I also have teams all over the globe, so I adapt to the needs of each culture and find the best ways to communicate, and foster growth.



I apply strategic design thinking to business problems. I tailor the effort to the challenge. It could be a large scale effort, such as recommending a new product pipeline, or something more focused, like a strategy for stroller tire tread across a brand portfolio. Whatever the problem at hand, I am highly skilled and leading the effort. I believe that approaching problems with strategic thinking creates a clear path to alignment, aids overall efficiency of the resources needed to implement, and is important for influencing decision making.


Ideas, Insights & Innovation

I have championed a user-centered process to develop products and services based on insights. 

I transform those insights into opportunities that matter to users and build brand loyalty.

I have experience using a range of insight gathering methodologies: from running cross‐functional workshops using techniques like co‐creation, to conducting in-home ethnographic interviews to listen and observe.


Business Acumen for Industrial Design

Syllabus & Course Content


History of Product Design

Syllabus & Course Content


Educating Creatives

I have a passion to develop the skills of others. I am skilled at helping design students to become young professionals, with experience in teaching college level hands-on studios, lecture format courses, and skills based classes.

My students have graduated with degrees in Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design and related fields. I have created my own syllabus, course materials, testing and evaluation tools.

In my professional career, I have frequently worked with students through school partnerships like Design For America and by leading corporate internship programs.