People: Managing through Leadership and Communication

My management style is to be the point person when considering people, process, and projects, by tracking, evaluating metrics, and continually communicating progress back to the team and to upper management. 

people process projects.JPG

My people management experience has included being responsible for individuals’ career paths directly reporting to me, managing outside contractors and vendors, and also leading project teams with multidisciplinary members.

Projects: Creating a Strategic Vision

Through my role in design management, I have brought strategic thought leadership that elevates the role of design. 


In 2012, I led a team to successfully complete a strategic exploration by suggesting a multi-year program that would increase brand recognition through a planned program of kitchen product and service additions.     


In another undertaking, I led a year-long project to reinvent a failing business segment’s products and services that was informed by ethnographic user studies and deep insight gathering. 

robern vanities.JPG

In order to visualize the opportunity, I have led the creation of visions that show how a company could expand and own a tangential product or service category. A vision created for Robern, the luxury brand subsidiary of Kohler Company, resulted in the category expansion and the launch of bath vanities that integrated new technologies for the bath space. 


In response to rising commodities prices, and regulatory pressures, I led a team that explored a partnership between a large corporation and a budding entrepreneurial startup; co-developing a pressed bio-fiber material that could revolutionize cabinet manufacturing methodology, and bring value to the consumer.


Additionally, I created a vision for a company to own a new product and service category, which included a plan for a new selection and sales strategy.

Please contact me to learn more about my experience in strategy and vision work.